Our Community: Engaging Children as They Discover Self, Others, and the World


In 2012, four educators founded a nonprofit in order to establish a globally-focused elementary school in the Capital Region of New York State. Since 2012, supporters of this vision have collaborated to realize the shared dream of offering world-class educational opportunities to families in this region.

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In 2015, the GLOBE School was approved by the Board of Regents. Scheduled to open in 2017, it will be established under the guidance of the trustees and with the support of its advisors and other community members. Paul Roney, MBA, serves as the Executive Director, providing leadership in all aspects of the school's development.

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A team of experienced educators is dedicated to engaging children as they discover the world around them. Each member of this team has generously volunteered her time and expertise in order to support the development of the school's engaging curriculum and instructional practices.

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