50% Chinese

Half of our school day is spent immersed in Chinese language and multi-sensory activities. This portion of our school day is taught by experienced teachers who are native speakers of Chinese. They use research-based teaching methodologies to promote the acquisition of language skills and content knowledge. One block of instruction focuses on Chinese Language Arts and Chinese across the Curriculum. The other block focuses on the Arts (including piano) and Healthy Living (including Physical Education and Health). Children will be engaged in such activities as singing, playing games, creating crafts, enjoying stories, and exploring the natural.

Sample Overall Schedule; Sample Chinese Schedule

What is Immersion?

Immersion programs, designed for children of all backgrounds, promote natural language acquisition by providing meaningful and continuous communication opportunities in the target language. Chinese immersion programs are among the fastest-growing areas of language education in American schools. Click the picture for a parent handout about immersion education.

Chinese Language Learning in the Early GradesAsia Society

Chinese Language Arts & Content Matters

Students gain fluency and literacy in Chinese by learning about the language and exploring different academic themes which correspond with the child's language proficiency.

Sample Immersion Science Curriculum

The Arts

Dance, Music (including piano), Theater, and Visual Arts will be included in the arts curriculum, guided by New York State, New York City, and National Standards.

Healthy Living

Respect for self includes learning how to make healthy choices daily, thus developing a healthy lifestyle as we grow. New York State Standards for Physical Education and Health, plus Family and Consumer Sciences will guide our holistic approach to healthy living.

Curriculum Mapping

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Curriculum Connections

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