Benefits of Learning Languages

Research shows that early language learning has many personal and academic benefits. Center for Applied Linguistics

It's Smart to Choose ImmersionBy Robin Harvey and Amy Young

Importance of Learning Languages Early

By providing early language immersion opportunities, we give our children a solid foundation which allows them to gain high levels of proficiency in the immersion language and feel confident when learning other languages (including their own).

Importance of Learning Languages through Immersion

Because of the unique nature of language learning, elementary immersion programs, which promote natural acquisition through meaningful communication, are the gold standard in foreign language education.

Importance of Learning Languages through Exchanges

Relationships with at least one sister school in China will be developed, making it possible for students to develop friendships with students through technology-mediated projects. A capstone face-to-face exchange will be organized for students in sixth grade. These experiences will open doors to future opportunities.

Our "best ambassadors are the American students who have studied in China and learned about the Chinese culture, language and people first hand."
100,000 Strong Foundation

The Gift of Gab

The ability to speak multiple languages enriches our children's lives, opening doors to diverse cultures and unique opportunities. The G.L.O.B.E. School will promote multilingualism through language immersion in Mandarin Chinese, extracurricular programs that teach multiple languages for both heritage and non-heritage speakers, and excellent English as a Second Language services.

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