Frequently Asked Questions

The GLOBE School has chosen to focus on providing students the opportunity to learn Mandarin Chinese for numerous reasons. To summarize, learning Mandarin Chinese is both interesting and practical. It is interesting because it is different from English, especially in its use of tones and characters to communicate meaning. While adults may find these differences challenging, most children overlook these challenges and enjoy the "cool" factor. Plus, as students of Chinese grow older and become more aware of the challenges that they have overcome, they gain confidence in their ability to learn other "easier" languages. Mandarin Chinese is also a practical language to learn in terms of future opportunities. As China gains influence on a global scale, the need for bilingual and bicultural citizens of the United States increases. To learn more about reasons to learn Chinese, check out the articles on our Facebook page and resources on our Pinterest page.

In addition to the detailed information available on our website that outlines our curriculum, we have prepared a fact sheet that describes the basics of dual language immersion, one of the fastest growing elementary school models in the United States. The GLOBE School Dual Language Immersion Program is designed for students of all language backgrounds.

In order for children to gain proficiency in more than one language, it is important that they begin language learning early and have as much exposure to the new language(s) as possible. This is especially true of languages that share few similarities, such as English and Chinese. Our aim is to provide students with the opportunity to become proficient in at least two languages.

If your family resides within 15 miles of the GLOBE School, your school district may provide transportation. Generally speaking, the deadline for contacting your district to make transportation arrangements is April 1st.

The GLOBE School creatively addresses the role of standards and assessments in educational settings. In order to best prepare each child for opportunities in secondary school and beyond, we incorporate both state and national standards in our curriculum planning. How we do this is what makes our approach unique. On the one hand, our individually-focused curriculum is designed to meet the unique needs of each student via such tools as the Individualized Learning Plan and Porfolio Assessment. On the other hand, our globally-focused curriculum is designed to introduce each student to the world via a renaissance approach to thinking, which we define as an integrated appreciation of the Arts and Sciences applied for transformative purposes.